Are you also crazy about JELUSICK’s & DINO’s music and following everything that they do?

Then it’s time to show your support to them and join CHAOS MASTERS!

CHAOS MASTER is a song from the JELUSICK album coming in September and you will all understand then why, we, the followers of JELUSICK & DINO, are called CHAOS MASTERS.

As a member of CHAOS MASTERS, you will be part of JELUSICK’s & DINO’s inner circle where we will organize as much as possible for YOU to meet the DINO, KELLER, MARIO & LUKA, whether it’s via Meet & Greets, online messages, a fan day, soundcheck experiences….

You will have online support whenever you have questions and have the chance to win and have access to special stuff, that only CHAOS MASTERS have!

So support JELUSICK & DINO now!

You have the choice between a membership card, valid for both JELUSICK & DINO and on top of that you can choose whether you want a JELUSICK package with extras, a DINO package with extras, or both.

Check the options now and come to the next show with your special shirt, with your lanyard and your member card!

“Just look into my eyes and you’ll see, Chaos Master is me”

Whenever you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Hilde Persyn at hilde@jelusick.com

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Artikel 1 tot 5 (van de 5 artikelen). Resultaat:1