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PICTURE CD Old Dogs New Tricks

Artikelnr.: PIC-005

2009 Release by 1st Dutch metal band PICTURE


PICTURE CD Old Dogs New Tricks

  • 6-page fold out numbered + €5,00
  • Normal CD
  • Portugese cd + 2 tracks + €5,00



track list:
Old Dogs New Tricks 3:53 Blood Out Of A Stone 4:18 High on Fire 4:31 Live By the Sword 4:46 Now It's Too Late 6:42 Just Incredible 3:29 Who Can You Trust 4:45 Opposites Attract 3:26 Choosing Your Sign 3:42 A Better Soul 4:37 Celtic Cross 4:29 Never in a Million Years 4:17

3 versions:
Normal CD

01 Old Dogs New Trick 02 Blood Out Of A Stone 03 High on Fire 04 Live By the Sword 05 Now It's Too Late 06 Just Incredible 07 Who Can You Trust 08 Opposites Attract 09 Choosing Your Sign 10 A Better Soul 11 Celtic Cross 12 Never in a Million Years 13 Lady Lighting (BONUS TRACK) 14 Choosing Your Sign (BONUS TRACK)

6-page fold-out and numbered

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PICTURE CD Old Dogs New Tricks

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