Here you can find the official merchandise of Jelusick, hardrock/progmetal band with Dino Jelusick, vocals  / Ivan Keller, guitars / Luka Brodaric, bass, backing vocals /

Mario Lepoglavec, drums, backing vocals

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Produkt 1 bis 21 (von 21 Produkten) Ergebnis:1

Dino Jelusick (Dino Jelusić), born 4 June 1992, is a Croatian rock singer, musician, and songwriter. He was the founder, principal songwriter and lead singer of hard rock band Animal Drive, which was formed in 2012 and dissolved in 2020. Besides working on several hard rock and metal projects, Dino became a permanent member of American rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra since 2016. He also worked with Gus G., Mike Mangini, George Lynch, Will Hunt, Jeff Scott Soto, Joel Hoekstra, Steve Smyth, Jon Oliva, Kip Winger, John Macaluso, Deen Castronovo, Phil Demmel, Mike Portnoy, Henrik Linder, Justin Johnson, Tony Franklin, Kyle Hughes, Virgil Donati, Kiko Loureiro, Jordan Rudess, David Coverdale, Tommy Aldridge, Reb BeachMichele Luppi and others.

More about Dino on: https://jelusick.com/bio/

Ivan Keller is a young guitar player from Croatia, born December 5th 1993.

He grew up with perfect conditions for a new, young musician in a small city where rock music was very popular among kids and older generations so he started to play guitar at the age of 12. He bought his first guitar with his own savings.

Ivan is a self-taught musician.

Influenced mostly by bands like AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, Bad Company, Brian Adams.., Ivan and his friends formed their own first band ”Off Duty”. They started to play at birthday parties, bars, city stages and every possible event they could book. Later, Ivan formed his second band ”Fireball” and started to play much more gigs all over Croatia and in neighbouring countries.

More about Ivan on: https://jelusick.com/bio/

Luka Brodaric, bass player

Luka was born 1992 in Split, Croatia, in a musical family: his father was a member of the rock group “Metak” (Bullet) and studio guitarist and his mother is a professional studio back vocalist and member of the Gibonni Band since their start (1990’s).

Luka has been playing the bass guitar since he was 15. In his early youth he was a member of the bands: Last Man Standing, Made in Iron (Iron Maiden tribute band), Mindark and the most interesting of which is Trio Brodarić (rock/blues/funk), since 2007. Along with him the band consists of: father Zlatko on guitar and brother Goran on drumms. Luka is about to graduate from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia, majoring in contrabass. His musical expression varies in very different styles and types of music from heavy metal to pop music and classic. However, what he enjoys the most and feels the best are metal and rock. He grew up with good music because his father served him, since early childhood, musical role models such as Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ron Thala (Bumblefoot), Tony Macalpine and others…

More about Luka on: https://jelusick.com/bio/

Mario Lepoglavec is a young and talented drummer from Croatia, born September 22, 1994.

He’s been playing drums since he was 8 years old but got more into it when he turned 10. Mario grew up in a musical family where his uncle and cousin are professional drummers and who were also his personal drum teachers. He listened to a lot of rock music at that age like Guns ‘n Roses, Metallica and later got interested in more complex and heavy music like Dream Theater, Pantera, Lamb of God among others.

He started playing gigs at the age of 15 with different bands. At 18 he joined a local band and did shows all around Croatia, supporting lots of famous Croatian singers/bands in front of 5000+ people. When he was playing around Croatia, he learned from friends how to play bass guitar, guitar and sang along all the time.

Some of his big influences are Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Eric Moore, Tony Royster, Thomas Lang, Mike Portnoy, Vinnie Colaiuta, and the list goes on…

More about Mario on: https://jelusick.com/bio/