Family member card from 2nd member onwards

Item No.: GH-FC-003

This is the part where you can ONLY order the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc…member of the same family = € 12,50 per person. 

If member 1 for example wants a shirt and a card but the rest of the family only wants a card, you can order the family cards here.

1 st member = always FULL price. 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to mail me: hilde@gotthard.com


What will you get as a member in 2024? 

  • + photocard
  • + membership card
  • + sticker
  • Every year a new membership card and optionally a new shirt
  • Special Access to the closed private Facebook “members only” section with stories as you would get them in the magazines but now on a much more frequent basis so you have the latest news
  • Early Entrance option for headlining shows at selected shows (no festivals)
  • Meet and Greets to win at selected shows
  • Soundcheck Experience to win at selected shows
  • Free tickets (guestlist) to win at selected shows, like we had in 2023 on several shows + we had over 40 free tickets for the KKL Orchestra Shows in Luzern September 2023
  • Backstage pass to win at selected shows where you can experience the band backstage and from the stage
  • Get together for all fans with entrance fee (special member price): Chance to meet the band and have a drink, make pics and spend some quality time together, like the intimate meeting we had in Luzern, 22 September 2023
  • Video shoot with the band when there’s an opportunity
  • (Signed) merch items to win
  • CD Release party
  • Possibilities to join some selected special radio shows/broadcasts where you can participate
  • Each CD release a new signed autograph card

Family: only card

  • Family Member 2 / card
  • Family Member 3 / card
  • Family Member 4 / card
  • Family Member 5 / card
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Family member card from 2nd member onwards

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