MAD MAX CD Another Night of Passion

Artikelnr.: MM-003
2012 release by MAD MAX on SPV/Steamhammer
MAD MAX is still going strong as Jürgen Breforth, Michael Voss, Thomas Hutch Bauer and Axel Kruse proved on the CORELEONI tour in November 2018. Since then they played some festivals in Germany and went on tour to Spain mid-September 2019 with their classic 80s metal set. Their new album is expected in 2020. 
Join them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MADMAXBand
Track List
40 Rock
Metal Edge
You Decide
Welcome to Rock Bottom
Fallen from Grace
Black Swan
Back and Alive
The Chant
Fever of Love
True Blue (dedicated to Gary Moore and Steve Lee)
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MAD MAX CD Another Night of Passion

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