1. RockDreams only works with prepayment.
2. Only orders that have been fully paid will be sent.
3. Different payment methods are offered.
4. When checking out, the consumer is given the choice of payment method. An email will always be sent with the order confirmation.
5. All prices include VAT.
6. The goods remain the property of RockDreams Agency until the entire order has been paid. In the case of Gotthard items from before 2020, the items remain the property of Gotthard Music GmbH, Kappel SO, Switzerland, until the complete order has been paid. Products in consignment from other bands, remain in possession of each band, according to contract with this band, until the complete order has been paid.
7. Unpaid orders will be canceled after 30 days.
8. You can only pay in Euros. If payment is made in Swiss Francs or another currency, and the amount in Euro is not sufficient, an additional payment will be requested until the amount corresponds to the amount in Euro before the goods are sent.