Rock music is my life and my passion. It’s the reason I wake up every morning and enjoy life and my job time and again. I love going on tour and watching bands play live but I also love the business side of rock’n’roll. Best of both worlds…

Rock music has been there since I was 13 and I discovered the music of Kiss and later on AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Many bands came and left until I saw GOTTHARD on MTV with All I Care For on July 31st  1992. They blew me away! Their music and the amazing voice of Steve Lee was life changing….as he was.

Ever since that day I dreamt of working for them. The first dream came true when I was asked by their management to start the Fanclub in Belgium in 1994. For 15 years I also did volunteer work with translations, reports and reviews for the Official Fanclub until my big dream came true and I could take over their Official International Fanclub professionally in 2009.                                                                                           
Having had a big car accident in 2003, where to this day I still suffer from the consequences, they obviously believed in me enough and let me run it. It made me fight even harder to get better up to the point where I can put the pain to the back of my mind now as long as I’m doing the stuff I love doing.

October 5th, 2010 was a black page for me and for thousands of GOTTHARD fans. That day Steve Lee got killed in an accident in the U.S.  The magical dream that it had been since 1992 came to an end and I lost a great friend, my boss, my mentor in 1 split second.  For a long time, it felt like the earth had opened up and I couldn’t stop falling.                            
But Steve taught us to go on, to never give up, work hard, fight for and believe in our dreams, so RockDreams will always be in the spirit of our dear Steve and I will always be grateful for the wonderful music he gave us all, for the special and motivating conversations we’ve had, for his inspiration and for him bringing the right people in my life….even now…

Luckily the band could move on too when they found Nic Maeder with his beautiful warm voice and the GOTTHARD 2.0 era started.

In July 2017, I fell in love all over again with the old GOTTHARD songs when Leo Leoni founded his band CORELEONI. Leo took me on a car ride then to let me listen to some just recorded songs and although my brain couldn’t understand what was happening, my heart did……It was a real emotional moment that I will never forget. 

But, CORELEONI brought me more.... On their tour in November 2018, I met MAD MAX, who were guest on the first half of the tour.  And something happened, that before only had happened with the GOTTHARD and CORELEONI songs. I was completely blown away by their music. Heart and soul.....And I intend to make some dreams come true there as well.

Music can change your life, makes you feel even better on good days and gives you the power to handle the bad days. It also gives you the strength to go after your dreams, fight for them and make them come true. If on top of all that, the musicians give you a family, a place you feel you belong, where you can be exactly who you are, then all the pieces of the puzzle come together and it becomes magic.

With RockDreams I want to share all those feelings with YOU and do everything possible to make YOUR RockDreams come true as well and make you feel a part of the family.

RockDreams isn’t just the sum of Fanclubs, promotion and merchandise, it will be a platform where like-minded rock lovers can share their experiences, their feelings and give you a home, you’d like to return to.

I’m beyond grateful that I have the best job in the world and that I can work for the bands whose music touches my heart and soul. Day after day….

Along the way some other bands might join RockDreams for a Fanclub, promotion or merchandise but my main reason for doing this will always be the passion for their music.

RockDreams….together we make our rock dreams come true!

Hilde Persyn

RockDreams Agency

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